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Landscape Ideas for Fire Mitigation

Wildfire season is here for many around the country. Once confined to the Western US, sadly wildfires can affect homeowners all over the country. Hot temperatures and drought conditions have combined to create fire danger in areas once thought safe. If your property is in a fire zone, now is the time to apply fire mitigation tips to prepare and protect your home.

The goal of fire mitigation is to alter the way a fire burns through the property. Slowing the spread of a wildfire on your property gives firefighters the best chance to save your home from major damage.

• Create Defensible Space – The first and most important step to take is creating defensible space around your home. Eliminate anything that can burn quickly or fuel a fire. Dry brush, stacked firewood, pine needles, dried leaves, etc. can all ignite quickly and move to structures.

• Landscape Carefully – Choose native plants in landscaping whenever possible. These plants can weather the drought conditions which allows them to withstand fires as well. Watch for trees and brush near the home which can catch fire and spread quickly to the home.

Finally, work with your neighbors to create a fire mitigation scheme for your area. Most homes catch fire because their neighbor’s home was aflame. By working together, the whole community can better face fire season without loss of property or life.

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