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Tips And Tricks To Navigate The Houston Rodeo and Carnival With Little Ones In Tow

I know. I know. Sometimes going out on an outing with toddlers feels very similar to a lion tamer herding cats. Having been one of those lion tamers, I am here to help you and your little ones make the best of your yearly trip to the Houston Rodeo and Carnival. Since I just made this trip, by myself I might add, with my little man, I have some tips, tricks, and mommy wisdom to offer. Here goes!

1. Go during the week. I cannot stress this enough. We went on a Thursday morning right when AgAdventure opens at 9, and it was heaven sent. Yes, you do have some school field trips to contend with, but it beats a Saturday or Sunday every time.

2. Park in the Yellow Lot and ride the tram in. The cost is 20 dollars CASH. They don't accept credit cards. You will have to break down your stroller and carry everything, so be prepared!

3. Use a stroller or wagon. I prefer a stroller to a wagon because it's lighter and easier to push.

4. Bring cash. It's easier and some booths do not take credit cards

5. Go with friends. There's safety in numbers.

6. If your child says they don't want to ride the pony, don't make them. Take a look at this :)

7. Bring lots of hand sanitizer. The booths outside the animal pens run out quickly.

8. Only bring what you need. The more stuff you have, the more you have to keep up with. **We lost a fairly expensive hat on our trip, and I only have one child!

9. Take a Backpack! Purses get heavy on your shoulder and if you get prizes from carnival games, it will be hard to carry.

Items to have on hand: Backpack, backup phone charger, sunglasses, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, snacks, water bottle, CARNIVAL PACKS (purchased in advance), and a good attitude.

Hours for the Carnival Vary! Check them out here!

AgVenture opens at 9am! More info here.

Any other tips and trips you would like to add?

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Mohd Basheeruddin
Mohd Basheeruddin
13 mar 2020

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Mohd Basheeruddin
Mohd Basheeruddin
13 feb 2020

Travelling is always a fun and one should try out going outside with their little ones because that will create more joy and for information related to moving visit

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adam jones
adam jones
08 gen 2020

When you are outing with toddler Head out early in the day, pack more than you think because in outing you wont get the things you want. you can follow for your moving needs.

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